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Why Varangon Academy?

Having the opportunity to be Director at Varangon Academy is truly an honor. I attended the University of Oklahoma for my Bachelor’s degree and The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine for my medical degree. Aiding in the positive development of our youth has been a long time passion of mine. At Varangon Academy we focus on teaching our clients functional life skills and the ability to perceive and process information effectively, enabling them to make healthier life decisions. The adolescents of today are tomorrow’s future and society needs to be pro-active in building a strong foundation for success. We at Varangon are continuously improving our facility, program, and ourselves so that we can give our clients every opportunity and the tools they need to succeed.

Sara Murray-Naugle, M.D.
Program Director

was founded by, and is run by, clinicians with an average of thirty-five years experience in the treatment of adolescents. Some types of knowledge only come with years of experience. We are better at what we do because we have had a lot of time to find out what works and what does not work in treating the youth we serve.

Our staff consists of licensed professionals from the disciplines of social work, psychiatry, counseling, psychology, nursing, recreational therapy, dietary services and special education. Our staff is trained in every aspect of the program and exemplifies the best in each profession.

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Accredited By

The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

Oklahoma DHS
Licensed by
The Oklahoma Department of
Human Services