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We still believe heroes, honesty, responsibility, integrity, unrelenting kindness, charity and the courage of true convictions held against all odds. We believe that the vast majority of adolescents also hold these same beliefs, but are frequently faced with massive peer pressure to view such concepts as weak and trivial. We provide programs that reinforce these concepts and help the young men to develop a code of life that adheres to them. In these beliefs rest the greatest possibility of experiencing a happy and productive life.

Residents are taught appropriate ways of expressing hostility and anger which are socially acceptable. The program teaches functional life skills by allowing the resident to observe and model behaviors that work more effectively than those he has learned through past experiences.


 Independent, longitudinal studies over six-year periods have shown a success rate of 87%. Success was measured with only one criteria – did the adolescent return to a treatment facility or enter the corrections system during the six-year period after treatment.

 Surveys from 2010 show after a child is discharged, 81% of parents would recommend Varangon Acadmey to a friend or family member.

 In 2010, 100% of the residents surveyed reported that they felt: (a) changed for the better after being at Varangon; (b) the program is effective in helping people change; (c) they see things differently compared to when they first arrived.